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http://monstertheory.co.nz - We are currently specialising as an amateur team of comic book making enthusiasts. We are also looking for help to make movies and a micro budget web series based on one of mike’s short novels. Our first studio project is – due in December 2018, a graphic novel called “How the boy who could not cry became a man.”

We are developing a graphic novel at the samz time as Mike works on his fiction projects (novels, plays, short stories) and blogs. And while Matt works on paintings. Next year we will work on a series of micro budget movie-making projects on video – written by Mike.
We will begin with short movies, and work towards making animated feature films and live action web series and television. Our initial goal with the graphic novel is to sell 8,000 units.
Mike is interested in producing and directing as well as production design for movies, Matt is keen to get experience as production designer, director on some projects and also storyboard artist.


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