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Announcing the 2016 Special Needs Book Awards contest for authors of special needs books from a variety of disciplines and professional fields. Special Needs Books can have either a personal or professional focus. For info visit http://specialneedsbookawards.com. These highly focused book awards were designed to recognize the outstanding writing in many fields that can help special needs children, adults and professionals working with special needs children and adults in both home and professional settings.

Special Needs Book Awards This year’s contest is for print books only (written for an English speaking audience) and books may be self-published, independently published or from academic or traditional publishing approaches. Books may take either a personal or professional writing approach, but all books should have a special needs focus.
2016 Special Needs Book Awards Judging Guidelines
Book Entries for the 2016 Special Needs Book Awards should be published between 2012 and 2016 and must be received in print version (no ebooks accepted) and written for an English speaking audience.
Each contest category (depending on the number of entries) will recognize Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners and Honorable Mention (s) may also be given to recognize honorable writing in the area of special needs.
Each author should complete a book submission form with three copies of the book and the entry fee for each entry. Authors may enter more than one book category, but will need to mark the additional categories on the book submission form and add the additional entry fee for each category. Entry fees should be paid in check in U.S. dollars. No books will be returned after the contest and will be donated to libraries, charities, educational programs or those in need. Entry fees start at $65.00 for the first category and $45.00 for additional categories.
Judges names will not be posted due to confidentiality. Books will be judged on book content, book organization, book presentation and the special needs message conveyed in the book. Judges decisions are final.
2016 Special Needs Book Awards final deadline for entry is June 13, 2016, but earlier entries are encouraged to allow more time for judging the book entries. Winners will be announced on or before July 15, 2016.
A broad range of book categories will provide authors the opportunity to enter one or more categories that may be related to the book’s special needs content. There are 35 categories that include special needs topics such as age related special needs issues, broad special needs issues, children’s special needs books as well as disorders and disabilities types of books.
If you would like to enter-simply request a book submission entry form by sending your email to: specialneedsbookawards@gmail.com

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