Why My iPhone Wont Turn On? [Step by Step Fix] PDF Print E-mail

iPhone Wont Turn On Fix: Recently my iPhone shut down while I was using it, despite the fact that it still had battery power left. All that happens when I try to turn on again is that my iPhone stuck for a moment on Apple logo and goes black again - or just a black screen. Annoyingly, this can happen to anyone at any time.

In the course of a normal day you might decide to check your iPhone, and for no reason whatsoever you discover that it won't respond to anything you do. If you press the Home button it doesn't do anything, and you only get negative results if you press the Power button.


So now you're wondering what on earth you're supposed to do, because you simply have no clue what's happened. It could be really simple to fix, but on the other hand it could be quite complicated, because it really depends on what's actually happening with your iPhone. Fortunately, there are some things you might like to try to get your iPhone to turn on and start responding to your instructions.

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