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Luna Graphics is run by a freelance Graphic design artist that can deliver a basic, modern, yet affordable work of art for whatever you need There are a lot of Graphic Design Artist out there that do not have a very wide variety. Most are capable of only doing one thing. Luna Graphics on the other hand is very diverse. This means that, "whatever you need done, we can get done". Listed below you can find the things that we specialize in. 

  • T-shirts
     Yes! Luna Graphics specializes in T-shirts! T-shirts are great for family reunions, team meetings, celebrations, get-togethers, field trips, recreational teams, etc. You can even have one designed for yourself. Just like in our 'About' page, you have complete control of the design, and whatever you want, we try our best to deliver something that you are content with.
Disclaimer: Luna Graphics creates the design. We do not print shirts. If shirts need to be printed, tell how many you need and we can order through a third-party company (additional fees may apply)
  • Social Media Art/ Banners
     Luna Graphics tries to stay away from hardcore commercial groups and businesses and lean more towards the public. Now, that's not to say we don't help them, but it is not our specialty. We lean more toward the public (for example: churches and organizations/ charity events, content creators, bloggers, etc.) These are typically the people that need social media art and banners to advertise their event or showcase their channel/page. With Luna Graphics, you can get a basic, modern, professional, stunning, and affordable design for your social media or banner.
  • Logos/Cards
     You may be a small business owner that is in need of a logo that gets a crowds/audiences' attention. Well, if you order form Luna Graphics, you can get just that at half (if not more than half) the price of others. We can create a stunning visual that will pop out to attract the traffic you need to look professional, and get started.
      If you're that small business owner we're talking about, you may want to think about investing in business cards. They're very helpful in growing your business, and also make you look much more professional.


Luna Graphics Design



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