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Real instagram followers !!

Q1. If I buy Instagram followers, can it be harmful for my profile?

A1. We are a safe source of providing Instagram followers and we do not do any such activity which will ban or harm your account. Instead you will get a huge promotion as an individual or a brand.

Q2. Does it take a lot of time to complete my ordered package?

A2. All our products have pre-defined duration that we take. About 2-3 days is all it takes to finish off smaller orders. However, a larger package like ordering for 25k followers definitely takes time. If you wait patiently, we will make your Instagram popularity magnified in a few days.

Q3. Why don’t you ask for my account password?

 A3. We work by promotional methods to make accounts, pictures and videos famous on Instagram without using bots. So, we do not need your account password.

Q4. What is your money back guarantee?

A4. If you are feeling that your order has not been completed satisfactorily or you do not like our work, you just have to fill the available contact form and we will return your money within 4 hours without asking for any explanations.

Q5. Is it against Instagram policy?

A5. Our work is entirely legal. We are doing promotion without going against any Instagram policy. So, you can get likes and followers for your profile or content in a legal way.

Q6. What kind of payment gateways do you use?

A6. uses all safe and completely secure payment options like Paypal.

Real instagram followers !!

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