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A Roman Historical Fiction: When Aulus Veridius Scapula flees Pontus his heart is breaking. He has been comfortable there for too long and realises he must find the amulet, stolen from him by his cousin Marcus, for it contains the key to untold wealth. He follows Marcus to Gaul where he fights under Caesar but despite his desperate efforts, he fails to find what he seeks. Sent back to Rome in disgrace, he continues his search, leaving a trail of blood in the streets and the arenas of the Mother City. In this tale of love, battle and family honour, Aulus follows his inexorable fate once again.

Amulet II: The Gallic War

Amulet II: The Gallic War. A Roman Novel (Roman Amulet Series) by Fredrik Nath - Book 2

"Really enjoying these books. Good Story and really fast pace with lots of plot twist. Just fun reads"

Amulet II: The Gallic War

"This historical adventure is full of action ... is an enjoyable book to peruse. It will keep you reading."

"Packs a punch you won’t want to miss. Whether or not Roman history is your forte, Amulet II is definitely worthy of your time."

"This was a well written read that was truly fun to dive into. From the intrigue of Roman politics to the war that Aulus finds himself in to the drama of dealing with his brother there is something constantly going on which will give you a nonstop adventure to read through.
A fantastic piece of historical fiction!"

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About the Author

Fred Nath Fred Nath is a full time Neurosurgeon. Fred was born in Sweden and brought up in London and has worked in Liverpool, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow in his training (a long, long time ago). He lives in the northeast of England with his teenage daughter, his three sons having grown up and flown the coop.
 In his time, he has run twenty-four Great North Run half-marathons (22 consecutive), trekked Island Peak, to 6000m in Nepal, crossed the highest mountain pass in the world (also in Nepal) [which you can see on You-tube],done a 12,000ft tandem parachute jump and began writing, like John Buchan, "because he ran out of penny-novels to read and felt he should write his own." Fred loves a good story, which is why he writes.
 To date, his published works include: five French resistance thrillers, three books in the Galdir series and the first and second instalment of a four book series 'Amulet'.
 How does he find time to write? Get up a bit earlier and go to bed a bit later - sleep makes you unproductive!
 He also loves the Dordogne, French wine and a good family getogether! You can reach him on: or email  

Questions? He's happy to hear from any of his readers.

Roman Historical Fiction; Roman novel; Roman fiction



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