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High-speed transport

We are happy to announce about our opening within the framework of close and fruitful cooperation with the SkyWay group of Companies.

Our main task is financing of the SkyWay project for the soonest introduction of this innovative transport system on the world market. The rhythm of modern life is so rapid that many projects become outdated already during the development process: they simply can not catch up with the rapid development of civilization. Therefore, the expression "to keep up with the times" is irrelevant today – that's why we decided to support the breakthrough SkyWay technologies, which are far ahead of their time.

Why is it important?

Today traditional transport systems are unable to meet the growing demand of mankind for freight and passenger traffic. As a result, we rarely travel around the world, visit our relatives and friends, because it is expensive and tiring, and unique deposits of valuable minerals still remain out of reach because the expenses for their mining are uneconomical.

No modern type of transport meets the necessary safety requirements, despite constant modernization. According to pessimistic forecasts of experts, the number of fatalities in accidents on the roads will exceed 1.7 million by 2020, if drastic measures are not taken in the near future. The deaths in the accidents with people aged from 15 to 44 years reach the mark of 60%. Think about it: only vehicles, not including railway, air and waterway transport, are steadily and systematically eliminating the genetic pool of the planet!

Alongside with the rapid growth of vehicles, the world ecological disaster is approaching. And it will kill all life on Earth. It is already killing: the air that you can not breathe, woods and fields that are destroyed by rolling asphalt and concrete on them for the construction of new roads, the dramatic decline in the populations of animals and birds, destruction of the ozone layer of the atmosphere – all this is the result of the development of modern transport systems. Until the point of no return is not yet passed, it is possible to avoid the global Apocalypse.

Like any ambitious endeavor, the SkyWay project needs funding. Based on the experience of such major international companies as Boeing, Apple, Google and many other successful startups, we chose the optimal method of financial support for the project – crowdinvesting, or people’s financing, enabling each of you, regardless of financial possibilities, to become a co-owner of the company and technology at the initial stage of its introduction on the global market.

We are not looking for sponsors, we offer you to create a personal capital from the growth of shares and to receive lifelong dividends in future.

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