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Best new horce racing software

Welcome..I'm NorcalGreg--proprietor of this site and inventor of PACE VIEW.

Get ready to discover a whole new "view" of handicapping. 

Developed and designed by myself to my own specifications.

 I don't handicap the "normal" way--with charts, store-bought boutique pace figs, enhanced speed ratings, and on and on.  I hear some of the "experts" saying a horse's last race is of no importance---I say THE LAST RACE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT.  Why the heck wouldn't it be?  To play it safe, I do go back to the 2nd race--but for only a small bit of info. 

Come on and check out PACE VIEW....and don't worry about any ridiculous'll pay more for taking your wife or husband out to dinner this weekend!     I'm constantly updating and improving the software--it can always be better--that's my motto.  I didn't begin to market this software until the end of May--until I was satisfied it was ready.

You'll soon learn what my POWER NUMBER is...and what it means---it really is POWERFUL.         

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