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Brenda Kay Winters

My name is Brenda Kay Winters and I have been writing since I was 14. I have written and published over 250 books along with Emilie Mignon-my daughter. i write in all genres and my best selling books are-Erotica Fiction-And justice for One, Forbidden and bios-Steve miller Band-fly like an Eagle, and many how to books. I just finished Emergency!- it is about how to save a life with first aide.

Full bio:
Brenda Kay Winters and her daughter, Mignon Morgan who has a pen name of Emilie Mignon have written over 250 books.
Emilie Mignon and her books are bound to become best sellers and movies like Just another Red Riding Hood Story.
Clement Smith Jones Bishop Moore Day and Esquivel have been my former names and i know many of my readers. I use my maiden name which is Winters.
If you enjoy true crime, erotica, fiction or how to books or non fiction these are your go to authors.
Brenda Kay was born in Vernon, Texas where her family owned Winters Monument business.
She became a Nurse at the age of 19 and worked for Denton County Sheriff's Dept. as a jail Nurse and as a Prison Officer in Texas.
She was a Charge Nurse in California. Her daughter Mignon Morgan has traveled to the UK and also resides in Texas.
Brenda Winters lives in Austin, Texas
Brenda Kay Winters holds three degrees and is a graduate of Texas Tech University.
She had attended Warwick University in London, England,UK
Brenda Kay writes Political books like Trump, Carson and Cruz and Andrew Basiago for President.
Brenda Kay Winters wrote the CD and vinyl on Amazon called Broken
Brenda Winters has one grand daughter Gabriele Thompson who aspires to become a writer.
Brenda and her daughter write to pass on knowledge and help others.

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