Nglish: Translation and English learning PDF Print E-mail

•    Translate words, phrases and complete sentences. Include accurate translations, synonyms, example sentences, voice pronunciation, and more.
•    You can use nglish with a Spanish or English interface.
•    Create your personal vocabulary lists. Save any word you want to learn, and practice your words anytime through games and flashcards.
•    Quick quizzes - nglish helps you to improve your English proficiency through short games in different topics such as grammar, common errors, slang and office vocabulary - including useful usage notes and explanations.
•    Improve your English vocabulary - gradually increase your English vocabulary through games and flashcards with lists of essential English words chosen carefully at various levels - from beginner to advanced.
•    If you register with nglish, all your previous translations and game errors are automatically saved in your personal area so you can come back and practice them at any time.

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