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Help for Cancer med bills

My name is John Phillip Scott and i'm trying to raise money for my wife Tameka Scott to finish her reconstruction surgery, medical bills, her bills  and give her the best vacation she will nerver forget. My wife Tameka is 42 years old a mother of two wonderful sons Kollin 15 and Braylon 19.  Back in 2014 in October Through a self examination she found a small bump under her breast.

Well, she when in for a check up and a week later Doctor Annison told my wife that it was  Breast Cancer not in one but both of her Breast and she needed to get both breast remove. I recieve a phone call from my wife in tears thinking is was going to die. I cound understand her reason for her thinking because her mother died from breast cancer. Well, i'll be lying if i say i didn't cry, but i did.

After i got off the phone with my wife i cried like a baby maybe harder.  We just got married and things was going great. Well, a year and about 6mos later we are  still dealing with doctor bills and our bills trying to buy a home. I no she feels bad but she trys to hide all he pain. I see her a time look at herself in the bathroom mirror. I would for her to love what she see and be able too go to the beach feeling great.

To see my wife smile and feel good will me the world to me. The money that will be raise will be use all of bills and medical bills paid off and to finish her reconstruction surgery and take her on great vacation must needed vacation to every behind her. l would love to do all this for my wife by October because it will be two years anniversary of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer November 2017.

This will mean so much to me and her sons to see my wife happy feeling good about herself when she looks into any mirror. To see her smile and happy again. Not be worry how she look if she wear a certain top. I love my wife and want to feel great about self.  Me and her sons would be very thankful and grateful for all the help we can get to help our favorite girl(Tameka Scott).

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