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Amazon Web Services yesterday announced the general availability of Serverless Application Repository, which was available for public preview yet. The Serverless Application Repository makes it easier for users to discover, configure, and deploy serverless applications and components on AWS. Consumers can use the repository to build applications without having to worry about underlying hardware on which the application runs as it will be managed by AWS. “As a consumer, you will be able to tap in to a thriving ecosystem of serverless applications and components that will be a perfect complement to your machine learning, image processing, IoT, and general-purpose work. You can configure and consume them as-is, or you can take them apart, add features, and submit pull requests to the author,” explained Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist, AWS. For publishers, the AWS Serverless Application Repository offers a location to host their serverless applications and components by simply entering a name, description, choosing labels for better discoverability, selecting befitting open source license from the dropdown and providing a README for helping users begin. They can link their source code repository, select SAM template and assign a semantic version. The other advantage of serverless computing is that it enables users to pay cloud providers by seconds rather than by hours, hence a cost-effective solution. AWS Serverless Application Repository can be accessed through AWS Lambda console. Lambda is an event-driven computing service which helps developers to write short computing functions that run to trigger events. Launch of Serverless Application Repository is yet another step of Amazon towards growing serverless computing market. In November last year, AWS updated its Amazon Aurora with Aurora Serverless feature, enabling users to create database instances only when they need it. Also read: Amazon and Salesforce planning to move away from Oracle database AWS Serverless Application Repository is now generally available in the US East, US West, Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, and South America regions.

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