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Your choice when selecting a Dedicated Server should prioritize high performance and availability. Better still, is a decision that encompasses both these elements at a fair price. No problem for URUSTAR, because each Dedicated Server has its own 100 Mbit switch port which it is connected directly to our own ultra-fast Gigabit backbone. That way, we can deliver a high performance average as well as the guaranteed availability of at least 99% (99.9% for ProServers). And due to excellent Ping times, our Dedicated Servers are also ideal as game servers.
Availability    99% for EcoServer, 99,9% for ProServer
Bandwidth    550 GBit
Connections to    Deutsche Telekom (10 x 10 GBit), Level 3 (10 x 10 GBit), GlobalCrossings (8 x 10 GBit), cogent (5 x 10 GBit + 3 x 10 GBit), interoute (7 x 10 GBit), DE-CIX (6 x 10 GBit), ECIX (6 x 10 GBit)
Switch port    100 MBit
Guaranteed Availability

Reliable availability is important for both you and us! That is why we give you a guarantee that your server is available at least 99% of the time as an annual mean. We even take one step further regarding our ProServers and guarantee an availability of 99.9% annual mean. This is especially important for business applications, when server breakdowns can easily lead to financial and image losses.

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