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The global PlusServer IP Network is defined as Autonomous System (AS) Numbers 34088 and 8972. These AS include all national and international connections to PlusServer. The IP Network is based on an optical carrier network that has a capacity of several hundred GBit per second.

The connection to important IXPs (Internet Exchange Points) in Europe, Asia and America allows PlusServer, together with other partners, to operate public peerings with all important IP carriers, ISPs and content suppliers, as well as many other private peering points.
Dedicated Servers

Your choice when selecting a Dedicated Server should prioritize high performance and availability. Better still, is a decision that encompasses both these elements at a fair price. No problem for URUSTAR, because each Dedicated Server has its own 100 Mbit switch port which it is connected directly to our own ultra-fast Gigabit backbone. That way, we can deliver a high performance average as well as the guaranteed availability of at least 99% (99.9% for ProServers). And due to excellent Ping times, our Dedicated Servers are also ideal as game servers.
Availability    99% for EcoServer, 99,9% for ProServer
Bandwidth    550 GBit
Connections to    Deutsche Telekom (10 x 10 GBit), Level 3 (10 x 10 GBit), GlobalCrossings (8 x 10 GBit), cogent (5 x 10 GBit + 3 x 10 GBit), interoute (7 x 10 GBit), DE-CIX (6 x 10 GBit), ECIX (6 x 10 GBit)
Switch port    100 MBit
Guaranteed Availability

Reliable availability is important for both you and us! That is why we give you a guarantee that your server is available at least 99% of the time as an annual mean. We even take one step further regarding our ProServers and guarantee an availability of 99.9% annual mean. This is especially important for business applications, when server breakdowns can easily lead to financial and image losses.

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