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Approved Airplane Luggage

Best Carry-On Bags. Never be forced to check your bag. Travel with approved carry-on luggage. There is no worse feeling than being forced to check your bag and running the risk of the airport losing it or delaying your trip as you wait in line to retrieve it.  These are the best international carry-on approved bags that will allow you to keep your life moving and your trip on track.  Never be forced to check your bag. Travel with approved carry-on luggage.

Approved Airplane Luggage

Briggs & Riley

The top pick of frequent travelers. This rolling carry-on features CX technology, expanding the bag by up to 25% when more packing space is needed, then compressing back down to original size for overhead storage.

Briggs & Riley's parent company is U.S. Luggage LLC. For nearly a century, US Luggage has been bringing innovation to the travel category, including the first wheeled luggage introduced in 1970. Under the leadership of CEO Richard Krulik, Briggs & Riley has become recognized as one of the leading manufacturers in the specialty luggage category, entering the global marketplace in 2006 and now selling in more than 27 countries worldwide.

Common sense is a Briggs & Riley mantra, with innovation, thoughtful engineering and performance as cornerstones. This is high quality luggage designed around real world needs with every piece created to make traveling easier and more efficient.


Tumi elevates your travel experience with alpha 2—the pinnacle of design innovation, engineering, functionality and performance. Alpha 2 embodies tumi’s commitment to making the best better; it incorporates over 30 design improvements and more than 14 patented and trademarked tumi components. The result is a collection of cases that are lighter and stronger while offering increased packing capacity, sleeker profiles, smarter functionality and easier maneuverability. Alpha 2 is made from tumi’s patented, ultra-durable fxt ballistic nylon.


Travelpro redefines premium travel with Platinum Magna 2. Handsomely crafted with superior fabrics and genuine leather accents, this ultra-durable 13-model collection is the pinnacle of fashion, intelligent functionality and design innovation. The result is a truly luxurious roll. Backed by Travelpro's Worry-Free Warranty, Platinum Magna 2 ensures a lifetime of satisfaction.

Travelpro History
Robert Plath, a pilot for Northwest Airlines since the late 60’s, primarily flew long haul flights to Asia-Pacific. One of the problems that became evident to Bob from his extensive airline experience was luggage. People hand carried luggage at the time or used cumbersome carts to move their bags inside and outside the airport. Bob saw an opportunity to improve this aspect of the travel experience.

In 1987, Bob changed the physical orientation of luggage from horizontal to vertical, added two large wheels and an extension handle and hence invented the Rollaboard, an entirely new way to transport personal belongings while traveling. Fellow airline crew members saw Bob’s invention and immediately wanted a rolling bag like that for themselves. From these humble beginnings, Bob founded the company, Travelpro, and began providing Rollaboard luggage to airline flight crews and pilots across the globe.

The idea was so successful with the airlines; Travelpro launched the product through retail stores in the early 90s. The business really took off; and in the mid-nineties, Travelpro was ranked as one of the fastest growing private companies by Inc. magazine. His invention forever changed the economics of travel, as more passengers opted to fly with only carry-on luggage. Plath sold his business in 1999, and semi-retired.

Today, Travelpro is one of the world’s leading luggage brands, crafting the highest quality luggage for frequent travelers. Travelpro is the brand of choice for the flight crews of over 90 airlines. The company is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship with its customers by consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations.


Introducing the new silhouette sphere 2 featuring Samsonite's new split spherical wheels. Each half of the sphere wheel can move independently in the same or opposite direction to comfortably allow rolling over uneven or smooth surfaces alike with the same effortless motion for the ultimate in unparalleled control and turning ability.

About Samsonite
Samsonite’s not just in the business of making luggage, we’re in the business of building confidence. Confidence that when you step off the curb, your luggage wheel isn't going to pop off. Confidence that if you put your laptop in the bag in one piece, that’s the way it will come out. Samsonite has set an industry precedence by perfecting and innovating luggage, casual bags, backpacks, travel accessories, and now electronics carriers and laptop bags. Over one hundred years of reliability, durability, style and innovative functionality have made Samsonite’s iconic products, and brand, the global leader they are today. If you are going to head out the door, do it with peace of mind. Because, life has a way of coming at you fast. Be ready for anywhere.


Approved Airplane Luggage